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Tolin Mechanical specializes in energy efficient HVAC Solutions for clients throughout the Southwest, including Colorado and Arizona, and into Washington D.C. Our skilled technicians keep facilities running at peak performance to lower energy costs and keep life comfortable.

"Tolin exceeded their target energy savings goal by an additional 193%, for total first-year savings of $234,887!"

~ Vail Resorts

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Tolin Colorado Receives Recognition as Local Green BusinessColorado Carbon Fund September 2011 Newsletter

Published: October, 10 2011

The Colorado Carbon Fund (CCF) helps individuals, business owners and event planners measure, reduce, and offset their carbon emissions. The CCF is the first and only statewide voluntary offset program in the U.S., focusing its support on greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction projects in Colorado that produce permanent, verifiable carbon offsets.

Tolin Mechanical:  A known leader in helping keep climates under control!

"There's a homegrown company that has over 60 years of experience in keeping Colorado residents comfortable, regardless of the season.   Tolin Mechanical (Tolin), based in Denver with offices in Colorado Springs, Silverthorne, and Fort Collins, specializes in providing HVAC, refrigeration and building operations to clients while reducing their systems energy use and saving them money.  By utilizing local ownership and national resources, as well as employing experienced energy engineers, Tolin has developed a company capable of evaluating and optimizing energy efficiency and performance within clients' HVAC systems.  Considering that 60% of an office buildings energy is allocated to HVAC mechanical systems, Tolin works to decrease the energy load and thus, helps clients not only save money, but also become more sustainable. 

This latter component is interwoven into the Tolin Mechanical fabric, as they not only assist clients in achieving Energy Star ratings and LEED Green Building Status, but they themselves are an Energy Star Partner whose corporate headquarters are Energy Star rated.  Beyond this, Tolin has many staff members who have LEED accreditation or are members of the Association of Energy Engineers.  Their commitment to sustainability doesn't stop there as they utilize GPS devices within every one of their 140 fleet vehicles to reduce unneeded mileage.  Tom Padilla, Tolin's Vice President of Colorado Sales, mentioned that after being inspired by Dave Joslyn, their first energy engineer, they've begun integrating "Advancing Clean Energy" license plates into their fleet, with a total of 46 so far!  As we all know, this helps them get recognized for their sustainable efforts while also supporting carbon reduction projects throughout Colorado. 

With a wealth of experience and a laundry list of sustainable credentials, the Colorado Carbon Fund is proud to recognize Tolin Mechanical for its contributions to the Fund and its ongoing commitment and support to its home state - Colorado!"

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We know the path to energy sustainability is a journey not an event. We partner with each client to analyze their utility bills, identify no-cost/low-cost savings opportunities, implement operations and maintenance practices and identify system upgrades and retrofits with a return on investment.

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