Professional Partners Association Individualized Attention For Extraordinary Efficiency Improvement


Tolin’s ESS program is a three-phase approach to energy savings, beginning with no-cost system optimization measures, then low-cost upgrade opportunities, and finally, capital investments.


  • Established in 1939

  • Advises member companies on HR policy and employment law


  • Built in 1958, additions in 1975, 2000

  • 85,000 square feet

  • 145 occupants


  • Raised ENERGY STAR score 24 points

  • 16%+ annual energy savings

  • All savings from no-cost/low-cost measures


Professional Partners Association’s (PPA’s) headquarters is made up of an original building from the 1950s, an addition from 1975, and a second addition from 2000. Each structure was fitted with different HVAC equipment and controls which complicated the building’s operations and performance. Despite the complexity, Tolin Mechanical had successfully maintained the equipment through the years, lowering PPA’s costs by prolonging equipment life and minimizing the risk of equipment failure and emergency replacement.

However, as energy costs continued to grow, PPA became more interested in energy efficiency and environmental stewardship. Responding to this growing interest, Tolin suggested adding Energy Sustainability Services (ESS) into their existing full coverage mechanical, controls, and fire service agreement. PPA was very interested in adding the ESS program, especially due to the program’s focus on continuous attention and improvement over time. PPA also saw benefit in Tolin’s ability to self-perform the work by leveraging their full services capabilities, eliminating the hassle of working with multiple organizations.


Tolin’s ESS program is a three-phase approach to energy savings, beginning with no-cost system optimization measures, then low-cost upgrade opportunities, and finally, capital investments. The program is a seamless integration with maintenance programs, giving clients a streamlined and cost-effective approach for energy savings. Professional Partners Association added the ESS program to their existing agreement and Tolin guaranteed energy savings to meet or exceed the cost of the agreement.

Tolin Mechanical began by analyzing the building energy usage and typical building operations over the prior year. After documenting the baseline and historical building performance, Tolin thoroughly examined PPA’s facility and then developed a comprehensive list of energy conservation measures (ECMs) that were specific to the building. These included operational and capital enhancements to save energy, improve occupant comfort, and reduce risks of equipment failure. Tolin then calculated the anticipated annual energy savings, budget costs, and financial paybacks for each recommended measure.

In the first year Tolin implemented no-cost/low-cost measures that accounted for annual savings of 10.2%. In the second year, more no-cost/low-cost measures helped raise this figure to 16.4%. Significant energy savings were realized at many components, from a 10-year-old rooftop unit to a 54-year-old chiller. The impact of the ESS program was especially noteworthy because PPA’s utility costs in year 2 were lower than the baseline year despite tripled cooling requirements and 50% higher blended utility rates.

Tolin’s ESS program exceeded the guaranteed savings by almost 100% using only no-cost/low-cost opportunities. The building’s ENERGY STAR® score was raised from a below-average 42 to an above-average 66. With the implementation of additional planned measures, the building should easily achieve recognition as an ENERGY STAR rated building in the top quartile of similar buildings nationwide for low energy consumption.


With over 70 years of experience in the employment arena, Professional Partners Association (client’s real name has been replaced) serves the human resource and employment law needs of the business community, helping employers manage all aspects of the employment relationship. PPA provides compensation and benefit surveys, along with training and development services giving employers what they need to compete effectively in the marketplace. Known as the professional, cost-effective resource of choice, PPA provides employers of all sizes and industries with the resources needed to build and maintain profitable organizations.


Established in 1948 in Denver, Colorado, Tolin Mechanical initially focused on mechanical refrigeration construction and services. Over the years, our offerings have grown into a full suite of services related to technical, mechanical and energy systems. Tolin also geographically developed in an effort to more effectively serve our clients. First in Colorado, with offices in Fort Collins, Silverthorne, and Colorado Springs. Later, at the request of clients that enjoyed the service experience in Colorado, we opened offices in Phoenix, Arizona, and Washington D.C.

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